I know what I eat – about healthy eating

Healthy eating
Healthy eating

Although few realize it, proper diet is probably the best thing we can do for your health. Nutrition is the key to good health and long life. For this reason, worth to reflect on what we eat.

In the age of fast food, stress and fast life, the observance of the principles of healthy eating is difficult. However, it is not impossible. So it is worth while a try, especially since healthy eating does not mean starvation or deny something. You only need to slightly modify the custom menu.
Let’s start with the basics. A person needs in a day 20004000 calories. The exact number depends on the age, pays and, above all, physical activity. If we work hard. We have sports, the body’s energy demand increases. In addition, the human body for the proper functioning of the also needs nutrients. These are:
  • Carbohydrate
  • Fats
  • Protein
  • Vitamins and minerals
Below will be discussed the individual nutrients.


Carbohydrates, or sugars, are the primary source of energy for the body. You can compare them to carbon, which our body smoke in the oven. There are two types of sugars: simple and complex. In General, it can be concluded that the complex sugars are better, and a healthy diet should focus on providing the body with complex sugars, instead of straight.
Their sources are first of all cereal products (flour, cereals, rice, pasta) and fruit.


Fats build up fat and a reserve source of energy. From the point of view of a healthy diet, the best are those fats that contain unsaturated fatty acids (OMEGA). OMEGA-3 fatty acids reduce for example, cholesterol and triglycerides, while OMEGA6 support the work of the nervous system. Their sources are marine fish, nuts, canola oil (OMEGA3) and oil cake and corn (OMEGA6).
Instead, avoid fatty food, which is the source of the bad cholesterol.


Protein is an essential part of building the body. It is important, above all for children, at the time of the formation of bones and teeth, and … for bodybuilders. The most important sources of proteins are eggs, poultry, beef, milk, cheese, cottage cheese.

Vitamins and minerals

To the body function properly, needs a certain props in the form of vitamins and mineral salts. They control the work of individual systems and are a component of enzymes. A real mine of vitamins and mineral salts are vegetables and fruits, and natural juices. Therefore, it is important to consume at least 45 servings of vegetables and fruits a day. Possibly, in addition, you can also use different types of multivitamin.healthy eating pyramid

Healthy eating pyramid

Healthy eating is primarily on avoiding certain things and replacing them with other, healthier. Avoid:
Alcohol and other drugs (i.e., coffee or tea in excessive quantities)
Fatty meats, which are a source of cholesterol
Sweets, cakes, creams, not giving us anything beyond calories
The excess butter, margarine, sugar
Preservatives, dyes, MSG
Instead, it is worth to consume more vegetables, fruit, nuts or sea fish and keep in mind the smaller but regular meals (45 times a day without snacking), as well as avoiding eating before bedtime. These few simple rules will definitely come out on us!