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What to Consider When Looking for a Neurologist

When planning to see a neurologist, don’t think all of them are created equal. They may all be experts in the same branch of medicine, but they are unique in a lot of ways that can affect whether or not they are right for you.

Below are vital points to look into before choosing a particular neurologist:

Personal Recommendations

Begin by asking your primary care doctor for a recommendation. If you want more, talk to friends and family members. Make a list of at least three neurologists and ask for an appointment with each one of them. This is a good way to gauge whether or not they will be a good fit for you and your needs.

Their experience – especially with the particular condition you have or might have – is among the most crucial things you should know as a potential patient. If you are seeing them for a procedure, ask them how many times they’ve performed it on other patients and what their complication rates are, and also how they assess your own risks of developing a complication.

Hospital Quality

Determine the quality of care that you can expect from the hospital where the neurologist works. Definitely, this is an issue simply because, at a top-rated hospital, survival rates are higher and complication rates are lower. Additionally, choose a hospital that is conveniently located to you.


When you’re dealing with a medical condition, it’s reassuring to have a doctor who is happy to tell you what’s going on instead of acting annoyed when you ask questions. This is particularly true if you have a neurological problem, which is usually difficult to understand for non-experts. On your first meeting with the neurologist, observe how they respond to your questions. Are they welcoming? It’s good to have a neurologist who is sincere in treating you as a human being and not just as a medical case.

Patient Satisfaction Reviews

There’s no better way to know about a neurologist and their practice than to see what their past and present clients say about them. As you take a look at reviews, watch out for things that describe the doctor’s demeanor, the behavior of the staff, the office environment in general, how easy or difficult it is to set an appointment, and wait times. One thing you have to remember though is that not all reviews online are credible. Therefore, pick your sources and don’t veer away from reputable third-party websites.

Your Insurance Policy

Lastly, one practical consideration you shouldn’t forget to make is whether the neurologist will accept your insurance. After all, you paid hard-earned money for that, so you need to use it where it fits.

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